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Star Wars 1978 X-Wing Fighter Vintage With Rare GDE FR-ENG Canadian Box Works L015873

Star Wars 1978 X-Wing Fighter Vintage With Rare GDE FR-ENG Canadian Box Works L015873

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TOY / COLLECTIBLES : Star Wars - Vehicle.

VEHICLE : X-Wing Fighter.

CONDITION : Pre-Owned. X-Wing fighter is in great condition for it's age. Box is still in decent condition with obvious signs of wear.

*** 1978 X-Wing fighter with a RARE Canadian GDE box ( La guerre des étoiles ). All original.

Please note that the X-wing is really more white overall. The pictures don't do it justice at all on that point.

The X-Wing fighter itself is in great condition. All is still working well, including the electronics, light and sound, tested. The wings lock in the X position. The ship is one of the whiter one we have seen in its original state ( without being deyellowish with chemical of course... ) The cockpit canopy glass is still clear and not too yellowish. The pins are not broken, it can stand up but is a bit loose on one side so it still can fall if the vehicle is moved upside down. Inside battery compartment is really nice. Batteries are not included. It uses 2 x AA batteries. All stickers are great. The French-English instruction sheet is there. No inserts although.

The rare box has obvious signs of wear but is not full of tape as often seen. It has some light tears, especially on one side affecting the lock hole. All flaps are there except for one of the little lock flaps on one side and it is missing. Still decent overall for its age. It would be a nice addition for sure to any serious collection.

Understanding the Canadian box rarity factor and value.

In the toy collection world, Kenner production for these french-english bilingual boxes is estimated around 10% of the US production.

We think that although this amount is in our own opinion overestimated and so, the quantity produced at that time would be even lower than that. This opinion is based on a certain logical demography stats and facts as described below.

- 1978 - USA population was 222,6 millions.

- 1978 - Canadian population was 23,96 millions.

- 1978 - Canadian French population ( all ages 0-100 years old ) was only 6,4 millions.

Now, you will understand that Kenner did not make one toy for each individual of these 6,4 million people. Nor for each of the portions representing kids and young adults, included within that 6,4 million. On top of that, most of the young kids at that time were excited to grab their new toys fast and were not necessarily taking great care of the boxes. They unwrapped their gifts often destroying the boxes and over the time most of the old boxes have been thrown away. At the end, the portion of the boxes that survived, and especially not full of tears and tape would be logically very, very small. ***


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