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  • Large Inventory of Star Wars original vintage, new releases, customs & repro products.

  • Shop from our large selection for single trading cards and complete your sets.

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Located in Canada,Qc.

    Our Story…


    After several years gravitating around auction houses, working for auctioneers, acting as a buyer and seller, AGS Collectibles (formally Aeolus Global Service) was founded by its owner at the end of 2016. We started to sell using common online platforms in January 2017. As the world goes fast so is AGS Collectibles, we later decided to move our main activities to our own home. A place where people could feel comfortable and secure following their passion of collecting. When the time comes to buy, for fun, to buy a gift to someone that is special or to find a scarce & rare collectible, AGS Collectibles is there for you.

    Too many times we heard over the past years about collectors who were disappointed upon receiving damaged packages sent by major players leading the actual online platforms or irritated for not receiving any follow up from sellers just after they paid their purchases. We do not pretend to be or even to become a major player. We are a smaller company and we want to take time to satisfy collectors and meet their needs.

    We wish that AGS Collectibles will soon become your new home as well.

    We want you to be happy, to be able to easily contact our team and to get an appropriate response and answers to your concerns. We are a dedicated legit and registered antiques & collectibles company. We work to provide collectors the best online shopping experience possible. A place where customers will not worry about receiving their goods damaged or worse, getting a different quality item than expected or described.

    We do care about you ! We hope you will enjoy our service, as well as the care we are putting into shipping your goods. Do not hesitate to contact us in any matters. We are there for you !

    Without you, AGS Collectibles has no reason to exist.

    Frank (AGS Collectibles - Aeolus Global Service)



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